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"It’s cool to work with someone who embraces your vision instead of their own."

Starry Mag

“Blind In Love” starts off with a scintillating piano arrangement and Cory showcases an uncanny ability to carry his voice and hold his notes while possessing a multi-octave range in his voice.

Madness To Creation

“Blind In Love” is not your typical alternative rock song; it’s a result of years of hard work and determination.

Music Update Central 

It is an ode to the challenges we face, I face in the dating world.  I am not a swipe, text, snap kind of guy - Interview

Teen Music Insider

He has been awarded several songwriting awards in the North east region his genre crosses from singer-songwriter to rock, pop, alternative and indie. - Interview

Brash Blog

I worked with Wes Edmunds who was on Wyclef Jeans production/engineering team for 9 years - Interview

Indie Nation Blog

The incorporation of live instrumentation such as horns was a brilliant decision as they give the song more of a live music experience. They add to the noire style of songwriting. - Review

The 615 Blog

Cory Singer Set To Release "Blind In Love" - Press Release

Volatile Weekly

The song wrote itself, it just flowed, I didn’t have to put much thought into it.  - Interview

Vents Magazine

This NJ native delivered his tongue and cheek debut single and video "Goodbye Felicia" with clever songwriting and a powerful vocal delivery that leaves you wondering... is he a long lost Fall Out Boy?.. or did Bob Dylan give birth to a son who can write & sing? - Best of 2017 List

Music Update Central

I did CMA Fest in 2016. I'm not a country artist by any means but after I performed at a showcase a major country radio station named me an "Artist to Watch". - Interview

Exposed Vocals

“I don’t normally write about just singer/songwriters. I normally feature bands. But when a really good singer/songwriter comes across my plate, they should be recognized. Such is the case with Cory Singer, who fits his namesake, but is also a really great songwriter. I was only able to catch two songs on Spotify. One was an older song called “Rico” and the other was a recently released track called “Goodbye Felicia,” which has been my wife’s favorite saying lately. Anyway, the “Goodbye Felicia” song has been stuck in my head for the last two days. When a song sticks in your head that long, it’s usually a good song!" 

The Aquarian Weekly

Centerstage Magazine - Interview 2017

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